Commissioned by  Boris Micka Associates and together with film director Dirk van den Berg, Tamschick Media+Space developed the spatial media design of the Atturaif Living Museum in Saudi Arabia.
Atturaif was the original home of the Saudi royal family and the country’s first capital, founded in the 15th century in the dry valley Wadi Hanifa. In its very place lies today the capital Riyadh. In 2010, Atturaif was listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

With beautiful imagery and multilayered sound, the film is a fascinating journey from the past to the present. The palace seems to transform into a living time machine in front of the audience's eyes. The staging of historical events and its protagonists in a digital spatial theatre on archaeological grounds is to date totally unparalleled in Saudi Arabia.

Together in an international team I worked on 2D and 3D motion design as well as in Saudia Arabia on-site and on-set support for the integration of the live-action footage.

For a glimpse of the projection mapping click here.

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Atturaif Projection Mapping
Atturaif Projection Mapping
Atturaif Projection Mapping
Atturaif Projection Mapping
Atturaif Projection Mapping
Atturaif Making Of 02


Atturaif Making Of 05
Atturaif Making Of 04
Atturaif Making Of 01
Atturaif Making Of
Atturaif Making Of 07
Atturaif Model
Atturaif Making Of 03



I‘m Steffen Hörbrand. I'm a freelance Art Director and Motion Designer based in Berlin.
My passion is mediatecture, fusing the electronical world with our reality to create astonishing physical spaces with digital layer. I love the logic of good code as well as the clean aesthetic of a moodboard. In my free time I also work with the coding tool Touchdesigner to achieve a more interactive experience of my projects. 
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