Generative pattern exploration for a global ICT company. The task was to develop computer-generated patterns which could then be used as CI-Elements. The focus was on utilizing predefined shapes and setting rules to produce a wide variety of patterns. 
The shown examples were created by using Houdini and Cinema4D.

Pattern Dynamics 008 Var15
Pattern Repitation 006
Pattern Repitation 009
Pattern Repitation All 20
Pattern Repitation 014
Pattern Repitation 013
Pattern Repitation All 25
Pattern Repitation All 24
Pattern Repitation All 23
Pattern Repitation 017
Pattern Dynamics 005 0003 Copy
Pattern Repitation 004 0039
Pattern Repitation 004 0040
Pattern Repitation 004 0041
Pattern Repitation 004 0026
Pattern Repitation 004 0031
Pattern Repitation 004 0038
Pattern Dynamics 008 Var12
Pattern Dynamics 008 Var11
Pattern Voronoi 02
Pattern Voronoi 01


Steffen Hörbrand - Motion Designer and Art Direction

I‘m Steffen Hörbrand. I'm living and working in Berlin as a freelancer in mediatecture and motion design.
My passion is fusing the electronical world with our reality to create astonishing physical spaces with digital layer. I love the logic of a good code and always try to improve my motion design projects with useful selfwritten plugins. I also work with the coding tool Touchdesigner to achieve a more interactive experience of my work. 
I'd love to hear from you! Just write me an email or contact me via one of the social media platforms.

Art direction, Styleframing,
Motion, Coding, Media Art,
3D, Graphic Design,
Live VJing

After Effects / Adobe CC
Octane / Redshift3D

I worked in agencies like
Flora and Fauna Visions, Visual Drugstore, Aixsponza, Sehsucht, Tamschick and Blackspace
for clients like
Intel, MAN, Volkswagen, ABB, Philips, GoreTex, ZDF, ARD, Nickelodeon

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