Roche celebrated its 125 birthday with a light show of superlatives. Roches headquarter in Basel, a 178m high skyscraper, was illuminated on two different sides. This projection, still seen kilometers away, showed the beauty of life in all its colourfulness and diversity.
I was hired as an Art Director for the concept and style. Here you will find a selection of different ideas and explorations of one of five parts: Diversity in nature. 
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Styleframe 04
Styleframe 04 2
Styleframe 04 3
Styleframe 03 2
Styleframe 03 3
Styleframe 03
Styleframe 02
Styleframe 01

test on a 3D model of the tower, usable in VR

HQ Simulation Sweetspot 2K 0 05 52 05
HQ Simulation Sweetspot 2K 0 06 13 02


Steffen Hörbrand - Motion Designer and Art Direction

I‘m Steffen Hörbrand. I'm a freelance Art Director and Motion Designer based in Berlin.
My passion is mediatecture, fusing the electronical world with our reality to create astonishing physical spaces with digital layer. I love the logic of good code as well as the clean aesthetic of a moodboard. In my free time I also work with the coding tool Touchdesigner to achieve a more interactive experience of my projects. 
I'd love to hear from you! Just write me an email or on social media.

Art direction, Styleframing,
Motion, Coding, Media Art,
3D, Graphic Design,
Live VJing

Houdini / Cinema4D
After Effects / Adobe CC

Redshift3D / Octane

I worked with agencies like
Aixsponza, Blackspace, Flora & Fauna Visions, Urbanscreen, Visual Drugstore, Sehsucht and Tamschick
for clients like
Intel, MAN, Volkswagen, ABB, Philips, GoreTex, ZDF, ARD, Nickelodeon

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